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It doesn't really fit the website profile, but here's a collection of my favorite political and activism sites.  Personal favorites have an extra J .  Liberal is not a dirty word.


bulletCommon Dreams
bulletDaily Kos
bulletDemocracy For America
bulletDemocratic Underground J
bullet.... Top 10 Conservative Idiots (weekly) J
bullet.... William Pitt's Blog J
bulletHarper's Magazine
bullet.... Weekly Review J
bullet.... Index
bullet Irregular Times
bullet Juan Cole
bulletKeith Olbermann's Blog
bulletModerate Independent
bulletTom Dispatch J
bulletTom Paine Common Sense
bulletTruthout J
bulletWorking For Change

Lehigh Valley, PA

bulletAlliance For Building Communities
bulletAlliance For Sustainable Communities
bulletCoalition For Appropriate Transportation
bullet.... Support CAT, buy stuff
bulletLehigh Valley Beyond Oil
bullet.... Support LVBO, buy stuff
bulletLehigh Valley Ramblings
bulletRenew Lehigh Valley

Funny News

bulletNews Of The Weird J
bulletPolitical Cartoons J
bulletThe Onion


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